Songs of Skaia

This is a Homestuck song pack with many straight forward and stream focused charts. It's about three years too late, but it's an old project I'm excited to finally have finished! There are 44 charts ranging in difficulty from 9 to 15 across 32 songs. Note: Background videos only work in SM5.

[Download] ---- [Download w/BG Videos]


Barber Cuts

This is the first installment in my general pack series. It contains charts of varying types including easy, technical, footspeed, and stamina. It's a smaller pack with 20 songs and full difficulties ranging from 1 to 16.

[Download] ---- [Song List]


Barber Cuts 2 (WIP)

Here are some completed songs for my newest pack. As with the last one, charts vary in type including easy, technical, footspeed, and stamina. This is all still a work in progress, so feel free to message me with any comments or critique. UPDATED: 7/4/2018

[Download] ---- [Song List]